April 5, 2010

Ten Weeks...

Newest tricks: Sawyer spends a considerable amount of time laughing with his dad. Nothing is more precious than his little giggles and ear to ear smiles!

First: Explosive poo. We've entered the world of messy diapers! His worst mess to date snuck out of his diaper and was flowing down my pillow. It would have made a disaster of the bed but Trev got to it just in time. Thank goodness for bleach and washing machines!!

Little explorer: To Saskatchewan and back again! This week we traveled out to visit Grandma and Grandpa Olson in Swift Current. Sawyer slept the whole 7 hour drive with the exception of a stop to eat. Now if only we could convince him to do the same at night!

Likes: Sleeping on his tummy. I know that it is not recommended but as of this week he seems to greatly prefer to nap this way. Up until now Sawyer has done little to no tummy time. Before this week he made it clear that he thought tummy time was the equivalent of some cruel form of torture. Why the sudden switch?

Favourite toys: Sawyer loves to lay under his play gym kicking, flailing his arms, smiling and cooing.

Favourite moments: Smiley mornings... We've learned that Sawyer loves the mornings.

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Edward Choo said...

Edison might have explosive poo that reak, but he still smells "white!" HAHAHA....heh heh heh