July 30, 2009

Haystack Rock

Haystack Rock, Cannon Beach.
-Oregon, USA.-

July 28, 2009


-Nehalem Bay. Oregon, USA.-

Our little tent. One of the reasons we are happy for summer. One of the reasons that we are happy to be home.

July 16, 2009


-It is estimated that since the early 1800's more than 2000 ships and 1000 lives have been lost in the Astoria region. The wreck of the Peter Iredale (1906) is one of the only sign we found to support these facts.-

Our first stop on our recent trip to the Oregon Coast was in the small town of Astoria. While being a small quaint kind of a coastal town it is able to boast of hosting great explorers such as Lewis and Clark (1805-1806) as well as the great British explorer, David Thompson (1811). More recently Astoria is known for it's role in popular culture. Some of you may remember the best movie ever released in the 80's, The Goonies. This great show was filmed on location in the wonderful town of Astoria as were the movies of Kindergarten Cop, Free Willy, Into the Wild and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

-Built in 1926 as an observation tower, The Astoria Column stands 38 metres tall and boasts an elaborate painting of the events of the famous Lewis and Clark expedition.-

Astoria (more specifically, Fort Stevens) is also famous for it's involvement in the second world war being the only spot in America to come under hostile fire.

-Another shot of the Peter Iredale in the Graveyard of the Pacific.-

-A bay view, looking across the mighty mouth of the Columbia River at the Washington shoreline.-

-Peter Iredale, in colour.-

July 14, 2009


-Pike Place Market. Seattle, USA.-

This may well be the most disgusting picture that has ever and will ever make it on our blog. If you can't tell what it is, look a little more closely. It's old chewing gum. Now I don't know about you but the sight of a gob of old slobbery gum on the sidewalk makes me a little nauseous... a whole wall sporting a variety of saliva, now that's just revolting. Trev however found this wall and it's decoration enthralling and so here I post one of his favorite pictures from our recent trip to Seattle. Enjoy.

July 7, 2009

Trevor's Hobby

-Bird's eye view of the Red Deer River. -

Over the past few years Trevor has grown a love for photography, as many of you know. But it's only been since we've returned to Canada that he's begun to take his hobby seriously. With the nudging of a few photo-nut friends, the information of on-line tutorials and a ton of practice, Trev's photographic eye has matured. He is now winning challenges, competitions and has been asked to seriously consider shooting a wedding!

-Shadow work.-

I was amazed the other day at how much Trev's skills had grown when I took a trip back into the archives of our blog. What we used to cherish as the best shots, the crowning moments behind the lens, I now see as pictures that could have been greatly improved with just a little change in perspective, a better focal point or just the most basic photo-shopping. It's encouraging to see the transformation and I'm excited to see where this hobby takes Trev.

-Downtown Red Deer in the late evening.-

-Abstract shot looking down a kids slide on at a playground.-

-Wind Turbines in Southern Saskatchewan.-

-Another abstract shot this time of a stained glass lamp shade.-

July 1, 2009

Happy Canada Day!

-Bower Ponds Fireworks. Red Deer, Alberta, Canada.-

And, yet another wonderful Canada Day. Only this time we were lucky enough to be on home soil. This year we are fortunate enough to take a different spin on the typical Canada Day post. Instead of 'the 5 things we'd be most happy to return to' (2007 & 2008), we'll be posting on the...

'The Top 5 Things We're Happy to Have'
(not in any particular order)

  1. Family: We're SO happy to be home and be around family again. And, although we don't see them all as much as we would like we're happy to have holidays together and be on the same side of the globe again.

  2. Nature: Even after witnessing a tornado touch down in front of me this week we're still ecstatic to be home and reveling in the wide open spaces, enjoying the rain showers and soaking up the fresh air.

  3. Communication: It's so refreshing to be able to speak the same language as the people that surround us on a day to day basis. We do greatly miss Korea and the inevitable learning curve that comes with living there but for now we are enjoying simple pleasures such as asking for directions or listening to the news.

  4. Life Direction: Trev has recently been blessed with the opportunity to attend the university he wants to, in the program of his choice and has been granted two years towards this second degree! It is wonderful to know where we will be heading and to once again have a place to put down roots (only if it is for a few years).

  5. Love: In returning home it is nice to have at least two constants in life: God's love & provision and each other. I know it sounds sappy but without the first of these, we'd be hopeless and without the later, we'd be out one best friend. It's great to know that God loves us the same in Canada as he did in Korea. And, it's also marvelous to have someone to share life's experiences with.