June 30, 2008


Happy 141st Birthday, CANADA!!

As keeping with tradition, here is a list of the top 5 things we will be most happy to return to:
  1. FAMILY - nieces and nephews, holidays, precious times together.

  2. NATURE - spontaneous trips to the mountains, walking on uninhabited paths along the river, basking in the blue sky, soaking in the stars at night.

  3. DRIVING - no taxi drivers, being in control, convenience, freedom.

  4. SPEAKING - communicating with strangers, understanding the world around us, enjoying community.

  5. FOOD - home-made dinners, veggies from the garden, cheap groceries.
** Honorable Mention - embracing our Canadian heritage.
(ie. not being made fun of for saying, 'eh'.)

Canadian Trivia:
Answer these questions correctly to win our admiration and respect!

1. This animal is Canada's national emblem.
a) Beaver
b) Moose
c) Bear
d) Canadian Goose

2. What is Canada's famous rodeo called?
Calgary Stampede
b) Royal Winter Fair
d) Canadian National Exhibition

3. What is the capital of the Yukon?
a) Moose Jaw
b) Yellowknife
c) Dawson City
d) Whitehorse
e) Red Deer

4. What is Canada's smallest province
a) Vancouver Island
b) Alberta
c) Prince Edward Island
d) Nova Scotia

5. What is the capital city of Canada
a) Toronto
b) Ottawa
c) Montreal
d) Vancouver

Good Luck.


jeff said...

Hooray Canada!

That's a good list, one which I certainly support, though I'll have to be a bit more patient to experience.

You needed to put a disclaimer that no Canadians can answer the quiz, but in the spirit of being fair, since everyone here thinks that I'm Korean, I'll continue to don my disguise and answer as 재프, my Korean alter ego.

1. a) Beaver
2. a) Calgary Stampede
3. d) Whitehorse
4. c) Prince Edward Island
5. b) Ottawa

Who knew that Koreans were so knowledgeable about Canada?

Kirstin said...

I'm going for points for imagination and creativity (because the previous poster is right, Canadians shouldn't be allowed to vote)

1. e) the gopher (more properly known as Richardson's ground squirrel)
2. e) Tees Longear Days
3. d)I can't actually get this one wrong because I have a friend from Whitehorse who's drilled into my head just how skookum good the city is.
4. e) Sicamous
5. e) Rimbey