July 2, 2008

Friends & Family

-Trev, Eddy and Cory.-

This past year we've had the chance to get to know some really fantastic people. And together, we've had some truly great times and done some truly crazy things. It's been through this past year of supporting each other and loving each other that we've grown together, laughed together, fought and even cried together. We've become family.

-Almost everyone... (L-R) Nate Crew, T+R Olson, Russ, Erik and Alicia, Cathy, Becker, Jabez, Jen and Cory, Ruda, Jungmi and Will and Eddy.-

A few weekends ago our friends, Jen, Cory and Snickers, were gracious enough to open their home to us. We headed out to their neck of the woods to spend a relaxing day celebrating friendships, old and new. We all enjoyed a great home-style BBQ with all of the trimmings of non-koreaness and after overindulging, we had a wonderful time wowing the crowds with our foreignness at Lake Park in the beautiful city of Ilsan.

-Chillin' in a pagoda. Jungmi, Ruda, Becker, me, Erik and Alicia.-

- The guys. Nate, Cory, Eddy and Trev.-

These three guys have become Trev's long lost brothers. The four of them have killed an uncountable number of afternoons this past year obliterating each other in PC Bongs (Computer Gaming Rooms), eating fatty fried chicken and generally basking in the fact that there are some men around to hang out with.

-Rockin' it out on some mini-bikes. Ruda and Will.-

Just like home... except a LOT smaller, 'dirt biking Korean style'. We all rented mini-bikes for the afternoon and finally got our revenge on South Korean for their crazy-dangerous skills behind the wheel.

We'll miss our family next year.

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