February 4, 2009

People Pictures

-Rachel's treasure. Beach combing. New Zealand.-

As we were sipping our morning coffee in front of the fire and gazing on our pictures as they flashed up on our screen saver, the idea was posed that we venture two more blogs for the finale of our time in Asia. The first of these two blogs you see here. It is to be a celebration of the people that we encountered upon our travels. And so, here we have posted what we believe to be the 'best' of our people pictures. We've posted a culmination of pictures of people living their lives, going through the routines and motions that make up the day to day. The people in these pictures are a representation of so many facets of life; all from different cultures, different heritages, from various ages and walks of life, some extremely poor and others blessed by material objects. Yet, rich or poor, young or old it is undeniable that all are special in some way.

-A young boy stops to pose for the camera before joining his friends jumping off of the bridge to cool off in the water. Siem Reap, Cambodia.-

-A young monk in training shades himself from the hot Laotian sun. Luang Prabang, Laos.-

-Swimming is a multifaceted event for these young children. Whether beating the heat or cleaning up a bit they sure did seem to have a good time. Gili Air, Indonesia.-

-Lighting candles at the Batu Cave is a part of this mans worship routine. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.-

-Too poor to afford school, this girl rents her sled to sand dune tourists in order to make a little extra cash for her family. Mui Ne, Vietnam.-

-This elderly gentleman sits on the river all day watching the bustling tourists as they croon over the history of a once french trading port. Hoi An, Vietnam.-

-Every evening, this lady sits knitting as she sells her paintings at the night market on mainstreet. Luang Prabang, Laos.-

-When he saw me lift my camera, he ran dropping his money. I was able to retrieve the money and return it to him, for which he was extremly greatful. Chiang Mai , Thailand.-

-Up at the break of dawn, we were able to observe a little of what life in Laos must be like. While strolling down a side street we marveled at the sunrise, listened to the roosters crowing and caught a glimpse of these ladies cooking in this large pot. Luang Prabang, Laos.-

-As the morning passed we made our way back to our hotel passing this sculpter as we went. He was hard at work but was more than happy to have his picture taken with his masterpeice. Luang Prabang, Laos.-

-Time for a nap. Just off of a congested street in inner-city Bangkok. Thailand.-

-This lady had a little mending shop just across the street from the sculptor's studio. We enjoyed her kind smiles as we watched her patch. Luang Prabang, Laos.-

-A little creepy perhaps or maybe just curiosity but these men decided that it would be fun to sit on the dock and watch us while we slept on the deck of our boat. By the time that we decided to get out of bed and get dressed there were over thirty local men, all sitting and staring at us foreigners. Labuanbajo, Indonesia.-

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