January 28, 2009

Hong Kong

-Street crossing.-

Our last stop on our long journey home was in Hong Kong. We spent a week enjoying the company of great friends (Nicki, Brandy, Cathy and Candice) and exploring the urban streets. While Trev enjoyed the architecture, the expansive skyline and the cooler weather, I enjoyed quality time with friends and having a home. After living in so many hotels and hostels over so many months, it was amazing to wake up in a home to the smell of coffee and the sound of friendly voices.

-International Finance Center (IFC Building), the tallest building in Hong Kong and made famous through scenes in The Dark Knight (Batman).-

-Trev, Nicki and I riding the Star Ferry across from Hong Kong Island to Kowloon.-

And while we were anxious to head home, Hong Kong somehow felt like home. Possibly it was because Hong Kong itself was similar in so many ways to Korea or maybe it was the fact that we were once again surrounded by familiar faces, English and good friends.


-We randomly ran into Cathy, one of our best friends from Korea, while enjoying a cup of coffee in the IFC Starbucks. It was such a blessing to be able to see Cathy and catch up on the four months of life we'd missed since leaving Korea.-

-The displays of Christmas Poinsettias in the IFC building were breathtaking.-

-Enjoying a late night chat at Nick's place.-

-Enjoying the Christmas decorations in true Korean style.-

-Visiting a really big Buddha with our friends Candice and Cathy.-

-Nick and I.-

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