August 28, 2008

New Zealand

-Downtown Auckland as seen from a ferry ride to Waiheki Island.-

We arrived safely in New Zealand on the 27th and are greatly appreciating the Kiwi hospitality. From the time that we have arrived until now, we have been shocked by the common kindness of strangers. We'd never imagined that Auckland could be so welcoming. While the weather is cool, cold for those of us who are accustomed to a hot Korean summer, at present we've found that the culture is overwhelmingly warm.

-We spent the afternoon on the Island sipping wine at the world renown Stoneridge Vineyard.-

After checking ourselves into a hostel in downtown Auckland, we ventured out to check out the streets and see what we were in for on our next two weeks of traveling. The city itself is a mix of old and new. It reminds Trev a lot of Seattle, while I think that London must look a little like this. One comment that Trev made that stick out in my mind is that Auckland is kind of like a mutt. The architecture varies so much from one building to the next as do the people. It seems in a way to be a multi-cultural mecca.

-Trev's great find on our afternoon of beachcombing.-

-We've found the landscape to be beautiful. Every place that we've been has been picture-perfect.-


Kirstin said...

Mm it looks so beautiful...wish we could be there with you!

jeff said...

Looks like you guys are having a great time. Wish we could be traveling along with you too. But it ain't half bad here in Mongolia, so I won't complain too much.

Stay safe and keep up the good blogging!

Katrina said...

Hi friends. Just here being a good friend and reading your blog ;) Glad you are loving NZ. Can't wait to hear more stories!!