August 5, 2008

Mud Fest

-Mud Festival, no explanation needed.-

Our first event in Korea, two and some years ago, was a fantastic little festival that was rightfully called 'Mud Fest'. And, as our time in Korea is quickly drawing to a close, we thought it only appropriate to bring our experience full circle and carry on the tradition of the fest. So for a weekend of pure bliss with our friends that have become such an essential part of our lives, we headed down south to a beach in the quaint Korean countryside, Boryeong.

-Most of our group.Yes we packed 22 foreigners into 4 small little minbak rooms (Korean home stay)-

-Trevor and Ruda expressing their true feelings for each other!!-

-Jess, Jess and Hil are demonstrating how happy they are to be OUT of Seoul!!-

We did not hesitate to jump right into the festivities and before we knew it we were slathered from head to toe in the gooey grey stuff, playin' on the beach and crashin' in the waves.

-Jungmi, Jess Christensen and I post mud and a refreshing swim in the Yellow Sea.-

-Our beach.-

-Jeff, Hil, Christensen, Jungmi and Wil.-

We spent every one of our precious moments on that beach well. We soaked in the sun and caught up on sleep. We chatted with friends and laughed till we hurt. We swam in the ocean and drank in nature. We took on the Koreans in a game of soccer and gleefully won. We even managed to scare a few passers-by with our amazing Frisbee skills.

-Jungmi learning the fine art of Frisbee.-

-Trev and Jeff showin' us how it's done!-

-Korea vs. Foreigners... We WON!!-

-We look good AND we have mad skills on the field!-

Unofficially this was our time for goodbyes. Unofficially this was our time to let those around us know just how much they had meant to us in this year abroad. They have become our support and our life. And now, this week, we have said our good byes to so many of them. Some we will see again. Some we will only remember because of these great times in Korea.

-Ruda... I loved the reflection in his sunglasses. Oh and, of course, the expression on his face. Click on the pic and check out the reflection.-


Jessica said...

awe good times for sure!

Anonymous said...

So you still like being covered with mud. Some things never change! Looks interesting, glad you all can have these fun times together - great, lasting memories.
love always D&M