August 1, 2008

Motor City

- Nate was on something special that night!-

In the beginning of July we all decided to get together for a massive Canada Day - Independence Day celebration. We headed on out to Ilsan city where we had a fabulous time once again terrorizing the locals with our great driving skills.

-I love how Trev is see-through.-

Our celebration included everything that a good party should: fireworks, motorbikes, BBQ, apple pie, great friends and so many memories.

-Blue Steel.-

-Me, right before I almost ran over an old lady.-

-Ruda's having so much fun!-

-Trev doing a wheelie... does it count if your still standing on the ground?-

-Most of the bike gang. Eddy, Nate, Jen, Trev, Hil, and Jeff.-

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Anonymous said...

Hey there! I randomly found your blog- and many others- as I've been reading and preparing to leave for Korea in a couple weeks. I've really enjoyed reading it and seeing the great photos. My degree is in photojournalism and I was a photo editor at a newspaper so I know photos. It's so nice to see good photos and not just point and shot stuff. Thanks for having such a great blog.
-Robyn Larsen