March 21, 2008


-Bangsal, Lombok, Indonesia-

Lombok is a world onto it's own...

It is a world where horse carts greatly out number cars, women carry baskets full of food on their heads while holding a squirming child on either hip, the McDonald's does not get enough business to stay open and time virtually stands still.

-Along the road side, Lombok, Indonesia-

We often saw men and women carrying large loads of grass and greenery down the sides of the narrow roads. We were told that these bundles were for their livestock. Often they would have a load tied to each end of a pole which was carried over their shoulders while balancing yet another potato sack of greens on their head.

-Mataram, Lombok, Indonesia-

This shot was taken on one of the main streets in Mataram during the noon heat. We weren't sure what was more intense, the heat or the foreign smells. The aroma of stale sweat, warm manure, incense from offerings, side street vendors and rotting heaps of trash all mingling together was a little overwhelming to say the least.

In the end this experience brought a whole different meaning to the words, 'traffic jam'.

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Anonymous said...

We loved Lombok - can't wait to go back . . . someday!