March 16, 2008

Diving and Snorkeling

-Sanur, Bali, Indonesia-

While on Bali and on the Gili Islands, we checked out the scuba diving and snorkeling scene. We'd heard that Indonesia had the most abundant waters in the world... While we were disappointed with Bali's dive sites, note the sign above as false advertising, we found an abundance of undisturbed marine life just off the northern tip of Gili Air, Han's Reef.

-Gili Meno-

-Sanur, Bali-

Han's Reef was the perfect place for Trev to try his hand at diving. While viewing and identifying hundreds of different kinds of fish and sea creatures, thanks to the help of the locals, we some how managed to avoid all viewings of the deadly sea snakes that are known to be a common sighting in this area of the world.

-Gili Meno-

-Gili Trawngan-

After our first day in the water, we were throughly disappointed that we didn't have the time to get our diving certification. But I think that the next time we have a vacation in hospitable waters, certification will be on the top of the 'To Do List'.

-Gili Air-

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