January 28, 2008

Two Days in Singapore

By night...
-Merlion, a common fish (symbolizing the cities humble beginnings as a fishing village) with the head of a majestic lion ('Singa' literally means lion and 'pura', city). Legend has it that in the 11th century a prince visiting the peninsula, yet to be named Singapore, claimed to have spotted a mystical beast, the lion. He was so enthralled with this animal that he named the city after it, hence Singa (lion) pura (city).-

Last winter vacation, Rachel spent a day in Singapore with a few of her friends. This year, Rachel decided that I had shaped-up enough to visit this beautiful city. I needed to be told more than once not to push and shove, spit or litter but I managed not to offend anyone in a city where chewing gum and failing to flush the toilet can get you a heavy fine.

During our short visit we managed to get together with a great family who took us out for some great Thai food and some great dessert. We had a great time with these great people. Note, my vocabulary is profoundly limited from my experience of teaching in Korea.

- Clarke Quay, bustling with activity on a warm tropical night.-

And by day...
-Getting our first sunburn of the trip on the banks of the Singapore River.-

-Old Supreme Court Building-

-Posing in front of the Esplanade-Theatres on the Bay. The original architectural design boasting a complete glass dome roof would have rendered this concert hall a greenhouse. In the 'correction' of this flaw, aluminum sunshades were added to the structure. Only now, the glass beneath is near impossible to clean.-

-Trev, avoiding some shopping on Orchard Road.-

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