January 30, 2008

Git Git & Twin Waterfalls

-Git Git Air-terjun, Bali-
While the tallest waterfall in Bali, Git Git Air-terjun, is greatly dwarfed by the Canadian grandeur that we are accustomed to. Yet it held a certain charm as it was the first jungle oasis that we have been able to trek to.

-Twin Air-terjun, Bali-
Makeshift bamboo bridges and palms tied together to aid fording made for an ideal trek through this lush monkey and snake infested jungle.

-Twin Air-terjun, Bali-
Standing 40 meters high it's water pounding down into a deep tropical pool, not a soul in sight on a blistering hot day, it made for a great place to swim. Or so we thought. Five minutes later with leeches on my feet I was rethinking the idea of swimming in a third-world jungle stream. I suppose the old rule, 'it's nice to look at but don't touch', applies here.

-Git Git Air-terjun, Bali-


Anonymous said...

A skirt now? what happened to you??

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

Who is this?

Beth said...

Rachel, did you ride sideways the whole way? Cause the video looks like there were some bumpy spots :)

Rachel & Trevor Olson said...

Na, I was just posing for the picture... with Trev's third-world-driving-on-the-wrong-side-of-the-road-maniac-style
I was siting on the right way and HOLDING on tight!!