December 28, 2007

Christmas Morn'

Bright and early Christmas morning we awoke to the beautiful smell of Jess Becker's famous cinnamon-vanilla french toast, eggnog, bacon and fixings. After a hearty breakfast Trev easily persuade everyone into the living room for our Secret Santa gift opening.

As tradition holds, Trevor played Santa and Kimchi was his nosy little elf. It wasn't enough for Kimchi to sit still and wait for people to open their presents, he had to be the first to see, sniff and chew on every present.

Kimchi inspecting Jessica Crew's gift...

...but mine was not that interesting.

-Michelle, Jessica Becker, Cathy, Jessica Christiansen, Hilary, Jessica Crew, Nate, Ruda, Rachel, Kimchi and Trevor-

It was truly a blessed Christmas! God had been so good to us this year in providing us with a spacious place to live and great friends to fill it with. We hope that the end of this Christmas season finds you happy, healthy and surrounded by the people that you love.

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