December 28, 2007

Christmas Eve Extravaganza

What is Christmas without a 'Christmas Cake'? Here in Korea one of the biggest signs of the season are the myriads of cake sellers lining the streets competing with each other for your attention. Some people take this cake business so seriously that they put their names on waiting lists for cakes months in advance. Trevor was lucky enough to be given a cake from his teachers.

-Trev, Kimchi, Rach, Hilary, Jess, Michelle, J. Crew, Nate, and Eddy-
-Jen, Ruda, Vicky, Jeff, Pete, Heather, Val and Cathy-

Good friends! Christmas Eve we were blessed with the presence and excellent company of 16 friends. We ate, we talked, we danced, Nate did a great impersonation of Barney and a good time was had by all.

I was particularly proud of dinner. Two weeks of careful planning and generous friends made the meal of a lifetime possible. Rotisserie chicken, homemade cakes and cookies, black market Stove Top stuffing, an extravagant salad, army-base-eggnog and Ruda's first pot of garlic mashed potatoes ever.

Then came the gift exchange... Trev tried every tactic that he knew to rid himself of the tacky 'fruit towel' that he so thoughtfully picked out of the pile of hodgepodge gifts. Despite his best efforts the towel remains his.

Oddly enough we had 8 waygooks (foreigners-Canadians) and 8 migooks (Americans) in attendance. Pictured above is the Canadian team reveling in their short lived success during charades. The battle ended 70-69 for the migooks. Hardly a victory, Americans!

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Anonymous said...

What a fun Christmas and the food looks amazing.