October 2, 2007

Timbits, Toonies and Loonies

Being some of the only, if not thee only, Canadians at church on Sundays we get our share of inquisitive Americans who want to know about their mysterious neighbors to the North. For some reason, good or bad, they seem to take Trevor and I as your average, everyday Canadian. Sorry to all of you fellow Canadians who are half normal.

This last trip proved to be just another Canadian lesson with good ol' Trev and Rach. On the bus while a group of Americans had Trevor cornered demanding that he talk so that they could pick apart his 'about(s)', 'out(s)', and 'eh(s)' a group of girls were learning from a fellow American, Jessica, about the humor of Timbits, Toonies and Loonies. I sat back to supervise the peer teaching and could not help but burst out laughing when the one girl exclaimed, "Wow! How do you know so much about Canada?" after Jess was done with her tri-fold spiel. What a sad world it is when Timbits, Toonies and Loonies summarize the entire international communities knowledge of our beloved country.

Great one-liners from this weekend included, "You look like you say washroom!" Hilary's remark as a measure of my so called 'Canadianess', "Stop talking to 'the Canadian" and "Look at them! They have the maple leaf plastered all over them."

We are more than happy to represent our country, even when it means changing 'I am Canadian' to 'I am THE Canadian!'

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