October 4, 2007

Sorak Mountain

Some have referred to it as 'fairytale-ish', others compare it to the Lord of the Rings, we are fortunate enough to call it part of our home country (for now).

Sorak Mountain is widely known as the sister mountain to Geumgansan or The Diamond Mountains of North Korea, which we visited earlier this year. Just below the Korean penninsula's dividing boarder, Soraksan National Park boasts all the majesty of its North Korean counterpart just with a little less political mystery and intrigue. This is not to say that the myths, tales and history surrounding these mountains pale in comparison.

As you can see Sorak mountain (translated as snowy crags mountain) is full of ragged towering pinnacles, lush overgrown forests, stunning views, meandering brooks, and boulder scattered riverbeds.

Although some complained that the view was hampered by the mist and clouds we still caught glimpses of the amazing temple strewn valleys below, the dazzling East Sea (Sea of Japan) on the horizon and the lofty silk like waterfall on the next peak over.

-The Summit (Gwongeumseoung) Rachel, Felicia, Lisa, and Tim-


pfelelep said...

I found your official blog via the OPERA one.
Great pictures of Corea, really! Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Wow those mountains are beautiful (they are almost as beautiful as the Rockies!!)Miss you guys. Im glad to see that you are having fun! JR

righthere.rightnow. said...

Hey Trevor & Rachel,

Nice blog friends! I would love picture posting tips from the pros - you guys are rad at it... and as you know, they are worth 1000 words each! Seriously, your pics are awesome and really display the beauty of your country. Glad to be keeping in touch:)


Anonymous said...

looks like an amazing hike. is it as good as the rockies? sven

Trevor & Rachel said...

Nothing is as good as the Rockies.