September 8, 2007

A Ten Minute Walk

We knew that we were located in the heart of downtown but we had no idea that we were so close to one of our favorite tourist destinations. We put on our shoes tonight with the intent of snapping some nighttime shots of our spectacular new view. Ten minutes later we stumbled upon a familiar sight, one of the national theaters of Korea. Not a bad place for being ten minutes walk from your door step. Complete with a view of Namsan Mountain, a few beautiful gardens, sculptures and fountains this is now going to be one of our weekly destinations.

We quickly, much to our surprise, learned that it was ten more minutes hike to the base of Namsan Tower itself. Oddly enough with Kimchi in tow the tower seemed less interesting to Korean tourists. I guess that waygooks (foreigners) with a dog are much more fascinating than a beautifully reconstructed tower surrounded by breathtaking views and thousands of years of history. Who knew?


Brent and Kirstin said...

Aww little Kimchi. :)

Jillanna and Drew said...

That fountain is GORGEOUS! Man I wish Drew and I could afford to come visit you guys!

Trevor & Rachel said...

I wish you could come over too. Yeah we are in a great location this year. Less people, less noise, less garbage. It's more central and we still have a mountain, just a smaller one.

Jillanna and Drew said...

I can't believe you are back in Korea! After hanging out with you two, it felt like you'd never left, and now it seems really odd that you are actually gone again! Maybe we will get over there.. We shall see what the Lord has in store for us!! :) Speaking of which, I'm glad things seem to be getting better for you two, with housing and what not! God is good! He will see you through!
Love you long time!