September 9, 2007


DANGER!! Snowmen with umbrellas!!

Your guess is as good as mine as to what this sign means. It's posted just two minutes up the mountain from our home.


Colleen said...

I think it means that snowmen get very angry when it rains, since they will melt (or at least get really crusty) - so the danger is from the snowmen that are full of rage.

Colleen said...

Or...maybe it is really chubby man who can't fit under the umbrella and is going to "snap" at any moment and take off his hat made of bricks and throw it at unsuspecting passersby.

Peter & Lorraine said...

We get it!! It probably was set there just for you guys being from Alberta! It means that it may snow or rain, you don't know which, or when. It could be both!! Just like in Alberta, wait 5 minutes and the weather could change.

Brent and Kirstin said...

Similarly to Colleen's first idea, I think it is a warning for the snowmen...especially concrete ones that would be affected most by acid rain...and whose little brick hats, while effectively squishing their heads and causing massive facial-feature-deranging head-aches, do not offer sufficient protection from obnoxious acid rain.