August 29, 2007

Four of My Favorite Things

On a beautiful day, one of our last in Canada for quite some time, we got together with my long time friend Kirstin and her great husband Brent. Late last Spring we had vowed that one day we would make it up to the tea house on the Plain of Six Glaciers at Lake Louise for a long chat and a warm cup of Earl Grey. Trev and I were both exceedingly happy that we set some time apart to actually make this trip a possibility. Despite the wind and the fact that we are all getting old, with our aches and pains, it was one of the most delightful trips to the mountains that I can remember.

Built in 1924, this rustic stone cabin was to sustain guests of both the Canadian Pacific Railway and the Lake Louise Chalet on their day outings. It is unique in that it's structure, a stonework frame, deviated from the norm of that time period, the usual log construction.

Trevor, mountains, tea, Kirstin and Brent, these are four of my very favorite things.

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