August 27, 2007

Christmas In July...Well August

As we walked up to Dave and Karalee's on our last night in Red Deer we noticed a little something that seemed out of place. Hanging on the front door the day before had been a beautiful summery wreath; now in it's place was an unmistakably festive marker. "Christmas!!" Trevor snorted, "I think Karalee's gone a little loopy."

As we entered we began to notice that the front door was not the only thing in the house that had been decorated in the spirit of Christmas. All over the house were touches of red, green and gold. Right when we thought that our visit home couldn't get any more memorable, our family decided to surprise us with Christmas and all of the trimmings. Unbeknownst to us everything from stockings to Christmas crackers, presents to pumpkin pie and marshmallow salad were prepared and decorated.

It didn't take long for us to catch on and before Mom could enter the house the letters forming the word 'NOEL' on the cupboard top had mysteriously been changed to 'LEON'. While Trevor took the brunt of the blame for this little redecoration, I smiled to myself amazed at how a few decorations, family and an old CD could make August feel so much like December. I even caught myself peeking outside to see if there was a fresh white blanket of snow.


Corla Rokochy said...

HI Guys!
I really enjoyed looking through your blog. Your experiences and images are amazing! This Christmas in Summer is the sweetest thing!


Peter & Lorraine said...

Somehow singing "Leon, Leon, Leon, Leon - born is the King of Isreal" doesn't have the same ring to it! But hey - sounds like something tall men in my family would do too! You're in good company mysterious letter switcher!