August 19, 2007


What would a trip to the mountains be without a little fun scaling the rocks? Trevor and I had a great time teaching our cousins how to repel down and then climb back up the challenging Two O'Clock Creek rockface. Everyone enjoyed themselves and much to Aunty Sandra's relief, nobody died.

Sven (Steven), Megan, Colton, Brianne, Amanda, Rachel and Baby D enjoying the view of Uncle Monkey (Trevor) boldering on the rock beside.

Sven and his rippling muscles.

Colton, who despite his shoes, did make it to the top of the route.

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Anonymous said...

hey whats going on, i look almosr as pro as travor in that picture...o and colton did get new shoes lol...from your favouritist,coolest,sincerist, bestest cousins ever, sven and colton