August 19, 2007

Two O'Clock Creek Camping

-Mount Peskett (10,250 ft) as seen from Kootenay Plains at dusk.-

Destination: Two O'Clock Creek/Kootenay Plains
Time: August 10th-12th
Companions: The Magnus family, the Andrus family, Steven, Ryan and Amanda
Feats: Baby Dawson's first camping/tenting trip and our cousin's first rock-climbing and repelling experiences
Routes and Trails: Siffler Falls, Two O'Clock Creek Rock Face, Crescent Falls and David Thompson Resort (DTR)

-Trevor on top of the first falls in the Siffler Wilderness.-

-Abraham Lake as seen from the shore of DTR. Later that week we pulled a large truck out of this lake after the driver sunk his front tires into the beach.-

- Baby D and I, chillin'.-

-An arm of Abraham Lake looking towards Mount Sentinal (9,400 ft), Cline River and Mount Stelfox (8,619 ft).-

-That forestry degree comes in handy after all. I personally didn't know that pushing over trees was a course in University!-

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