June 24, 2007

Two Weeks in Asia

On June 20th Rachel and Trevor were fortunate enough to receive a visit from Rachel's lovely sister Becki and their good friend Jason. Since the auspicious guests arrival they have been busy exploring the many wonders of South Korea. There wanderings have included a visit to Gyeongbokgung Palace, Incheon City, Insadong, Cheonggyechoen and Namsan Tower.

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Being fed dwaeji-galbi (pork barbecue) by an over zealous ajumma who seems to enjoy shoveling food into foreigners faces while exclaiming, "Mashessoyo (very delicious)."

Being Korean at the Cheonggye stream.

Drinking plumb and nashi-pear tea (one of the drinks enjoyed by the Joseon kings and queens) at the Yetchatjip tea house. Uniquely enough this tea house actually had a dozen live birds flying around inside, mini water-falls, haunting music and variety of live fish swimming in the tables (as well as in various basins in the washroom).

Becki, Jason, Trevor and Rachel at Cheonggyechoen.

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