June 29, 2007

Life on the 13th Floor

(Memoir's of a Becki living in Seoul)
I know after reading the title you are most likely expecting an exciting tale of life on the 13th floor (Ray and Trev's apartment). But in fact the title is misleading, as this blog is truly about life both inside and outside the walls of my 13th floor accommodations.

This past week has been filled with many new experiences. Some more memorable ones have included living with Kimchi. We, Kimchi and I, have spent many hours together napping, playing, growling (this is mostly Kimchi's department), and hiking in the crazy humidity. Kimchi was even unfortunate enough to get a hair cut.

Outside of the apartment I have enjoyed exploring the city. Last Tuesday, Rachel, Courtney (Rachel's coworker) and I went for a girls night out. We started the night off by going to the Chongdong Theater for a traditional Korean cultural experience. Pictured below are a few of the many musicians and dancers that were featured in this performance. We practically had the best seats in the house, right on the stage. I don't think my ears have recovered yet!

Following the performance we walked around dazzling downtown Seoul. Several blisters and band-aids later we came across an impressive Seoul City Hall.

And, to top it all off, yesterday Rachel and I went for an excursion to Costco. Aside from the two story floor plan it was like a little piece of home. Most of the food was fairly similar. However, one main difference I noted was the impressive fish section which included these lovely octopi, Nummy!!! Anyone hungry???

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