February 10, 2007

Vehicular Transportation

Getting around Thailand was a different story: scooters, long-tails, tuk-tuks, and buses crammed full of sweaty people, chickens, pigs, produce from the local market and four foreign girls swaying in unison to the beat of the Fourth World road.

Above is pictured a tsunami evacuation sign. My guess, although highly insignificant as it is, is that this sign is strategically placed in order to ward off the fears that linger in the dark places of the minds of the growing numbers of tourists who dare to head down to this recently barraged oceanic war zone.Tuk-tuks were a very popular mode of getting from here to there (seen above and below). Thai drivers lined the popular and not-so-popular streets calling out, "Tuk-tuk, Tuk-tuk" as you would walk past. These pseudo-taxi's were more like a mini-truck boasting a converted back end which is crudely designed to accommodate willing tourists.

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