February 3, 2007

The Amazing Bukit Safari

There have always been two things in life that I have wanted to have the experience of riding. One, an elephant through a dense jungle and two, a sun beaten camel through the scorching desert. This elephant trek, although far from the original uses of elephant-mobiles, was truly an experience. I learned more about elephants from a seemingly short one hour journey than I would have been able to find through hours or even days of searching on the web. For instance, cocky rude elephant masters do get tips at the end of a trek, however they are not usually in the monetary form that they desire. In fact they often come in the currency of don't-insult-the-foreigner-with-with-the-cash.
A little more of what I learned:
Did you know that Trevor really does smile for the camera when he is atop a huge wild beast (well possibly not so wild, but the size can not be argued.)
Third learning of the day:
While I am precariously perched on the unstable neck of a giant I still have time to scream when splashed with jungle creek water.
More knowledge:
Koreans in general dream of riding elephants while wearing straw hats. Not to mention that a ride would not be complete with out the "V for victory" (which is pronounced- victoly), no this is not to be mistaken for a peace symbol.


...Carla... said...

as if you are riding elephants. looks fun, aside from the sheer size, and danger of falling off. i am glad to see that you are doing well, and i LOVE reading your blog, and knowing what you are up to in korea! all the best!

Mark said...

Very cool! Thanks for the tour and the nice words on my photo blog. :)