January 17, 2007

Would You Like Fries With That?

I always knew that the Korean culture was different than what I was used to and these abnormalities were never worth mentioning until tonight. I can get over the chewing of gum like a cow or the vulgar clearing of throat phlegm but what I witnessed tonight was worth mentioning on the blog. On my break from work this evening, I decided to frequent my favorite burger joint, McDonald's, for a late night snack to get me through my last class. Nothing out of the ordinary happened while I waited in line and received my food but it was when I sat down that my eyebrows raised and my mouth dropped somewhat. I saw three boys getting their hair cut by three girls at the back of the restaurant and nobody seemed to mind. This high school group thought nothing of it to trim up the boys hair while people around them enjoyed their happy meals. I guess if the cut is free who cares where it takes place.

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