January 17, 2007

Coral Island

On my last day in Thailand and Rachel's first day in Thailand, we managed to hook up at a secluded, picturesque island resort located on the virtually uninhabited Hae 'Coral' Island. Coral Island Resort is the only livelihood that operates on the island so while it's busy during the day with tourists coming over to relax and snorkel on their perfect white sand beaches and stroll through their coconut groves, at night it's just for the resort guests. It was almost like having your own private beach.
Late night strolls overlooking the crystal clear Andaman Sea were exactly what we needed after so many months of nose-to-the-grindstone work. We took a liking to strolling on the beach late that night and a cute furry island inhabitant took a liking to us. This cute dog, who was four times the size of Kimchi, was both entertainment and friendly companionship. As we walked in the surf he would lunge at the sand hoping for more than achieving his goal of a tasty sand crab as his late night snack.
Chalong Bay

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