December 9, 2006

A Little Korean Christmas Tree

December 1st was the official launch of the first ever Rachel and Trevor Christmas tree. Thus far 100% of all public viewings have ended positively (thanks Les and Maureen). Rachel wanted some authentic Korean ornaments so she went to Insadong (a traditional Korean market) and bought Korean-looking bookmarks, paper fans and antique brass bells and coins (the coin bin also had an antique Canadian toonie, which gives you an idea of how antique all this really was). Then on the 6th, we received Christmas presents from the Olson family. So now our tree is complete with beautifully wrapped gifts under it to make it feel more like Christmas is upon us.
Other Christmas festivities include adding in bits and pieces of the folklore and more importantly the truths that we both learned when we were young into the strict curriculum's at both of our schools. Rachel is organizing letters to Santa and Kinder field trips to the post office, as well as indoctrinating her children with the many Christmas songs that make the season a little more colorful as a child. She has also been teaching them the fine art of counting down to Christmas using a homemade advent calendar. On another note, we also attended a wonderful Christmas Choir performance at our English church tonight and walked around downtown Seoul admiring the many extravagant lights.

Christmas will be very different without family but we are going to try to make the best of it... and merry Christmas to you all.

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Anonymous said...

Hey there, you two worldly travellers. It is Maggi Sproule sending you a note from your Andrus household.
We are here for Bible study and the message this week was to "rest" so we are encouraging Wilf to rest after his 15 shifts in a row!
The Sproule family is well. All were home for Christmas. Erin is really loving Yellowknife and may end up being a long time resident. (She and Ron are divorced, not sure if you knew). Mark is working at Alberta Transportation out of Rocky and loving that. Josh is steady at the mill near Rocky.
Kate is 16 with a driver's license, a car and supposedly a serious boyfriend. (Luckily for her dad and I he lives in Salmon Arm).
Matt was 14 on Saturday! I am sure you cannot believe it, Rachel!
He has had his braces off this year and is about 5'8 already. He thinks he is pretty hot!
Anyway, Kate and I tried to get on the blog at home and couldn't, we will try again.
Great to see your pics and all the notes!
Wish we could come and see you!
Hang in there and have lots of fun.