November 24, 2006

Dawson Andrus

Announcing a new family...
On November the 11th (my Grandfathers 80th birthday) at 4:04 pm, Dawson Andrus arrived. He was two weeks early, yet managed to hold down a healthy weight of 7lbs. and 2 oz. It was, from what we heard, a very quick birth. We were obviously not present but we have been sent so many pictures that it does not feel like we are half a world away. I can't tell who he looks more like at this point, all I know is that those two make cute kids. Congratulations, Dave and Karalee!!


Brent and Kirstin said...

What a cute little gaffer. Does he have a middle name?


Peter & Lorraine said...

We had the wonderful opportunity to see Dawson yesterday at Crossroads. What a beautiful baby! And happy parents too!!

BTW, some Earl Gray tea is on it's way!