August 17, 2006

The Fortress Wall

Unlike the "Great Wall of China", the Fortress Wall that once surrounded the royal city of Seoul, including the five Joseon Dynasty Palaces, is significantly smaller. The construction of the wall was started in 1395 by King Yi Seong-gye and required nearly 120,000 workers. The original wall was 12 meters high and 18.2 kilometers long with four great gates and four small gates, but during the Japanese colonial period the wall was the partly torn down in the name of city planning. Now all that remains of this relic is 10.5 kilometers of wall, three great gates and one small gate.
(Above) This is a view of the inside of the wall. As far as we know, very little effort has gone into the restoration of the wall. (Below) Snaking through the mountains, one can barely make out the wall as it fades into the distance.

Namdaemun (Great South Gate)


auntie Helen said...

love your pictures, history lessons are great

Nancy Erratt said...

Hey, just got your message and looked at all the pictures...they're great bye the way. Beautiful place to live and looks like your having a great time. Do you still have time to work? (just kidding) School starts here on Aug 31 and we are ready for grade one. Look forward to seeing more pictures from you.

Grace said...

I am surpriong at your explanations!! As well you are a Teacher ^O^