August 17, 2006

Flowers For Rachel

I took this picture of a Tiger Lilly for Rachel cause I'm too cheap to get her the real thing. Sorry Rachel.
Located in the Changdeok Palace is the oldest tree in Korea. This Chinese Juniper is over 700 years old and the Koreans think that the huge twists and turns look like a dragon. The branch that comes down to the left is the dragons tail. Some people think that it looks like a monkey is perched at the end.


Anonymous said...

Hey Trevor, sounds like your father-in-law, but actually maybe not cuz he would probably pick them. I keep telling Dad that he should take lessons from Dave. Nice flowers tho.

Anonymous said...

Trev, pick it and run.
Anthony...........(all right I can't lie it was me Tanya)

Anonymous said...

Trevor, you are joining a long line of practical men. That sounded so much like something that Allan Harvey would do. And I have had the same feeling about cards that just get thrown away. Your photes are great. What an awesome opportunity for both of you. I am enjoying your blog and Tim is encouraging me to start my own. Take care. Love, Grandma Dorothy

Grace said...

Dragons tail???^o^ I'd like to take that tail~~~