September 12, 2011

Hudson at One Month...

- Two Weeks.-

Weight: 8lbs 7oz (as of two weeks)
Height: 20 1/4 inches (as of two weeks)

-Hanging out with his ecstatic older brother.-

Favorite moments: Sawyer loves his little brother and seems to always have a need to be near him. Often Sawyer joins Hudson on the little kiddy couch for Hudson's tummy time. It's down right adorable. Hudson really seems to be fascinated by his older brother and loves to watch Sawyer play and sing.

-So alert. So precious.-

Newest trick: Right from the time that he was born Hudson has been very alert. He loves to watch everything that is going on around him and often he will woo the people closest to him with his big blue eyes and irresistible smile!

-Trev's favorite way to hold his newborn son.-

Likes: Eye contact and being snuggled. Although there comes a point where Hudson just wants to be put down so that he can get some serious sleeping done.

-Much like Sawyer, Hudson loves his tummy time.-

First: Road trip.  Hudson took his first of many road trips to see Grandma and Grandpa Olson as well as to attend Auntie Joline and Uncle Blair's wedding. Not only did he travel extremely well but he slept the entire way and fed like a trooper. 

-Getting acquainted with Grandma Andrus as she helped out for the first week of Hudson being home. A HUGE thank you to my awesome Mom!!-

Little boy: First time away from Mom and Dad. At just under two weeks of age Hudson and Sawyer spent the day hanging out with Grandma and Grandpa Andrus. Hudson did very well and even took two of his meals from a bottle which allowed us to spend the day shooting a wedding! Bottles are new to this family and we were relieved at how well the feedings went. What a considerate little man Hudson is!