March 25, 2011


- Sawyer's first time at the pool. 11 months.-

I recently downloaded all the pictures of Sawyer off of M+B's camera and found a few gems that should be shared. Here are a few of Sawyer's firsts from the past 4 months: Swimming at Grandpa's company Christmas party (a hit for sure) and a trip with Auntie Becki and myself to the coast to meet Great Grandma and Grandpa Magnus. He was a great sport in the water, loving every minute of his new adventure and he traveled like a dream.

- Hangin' with Auntie Becki in the hot tubs.-

-From the look on his face, I'd say he LOVED it!-

-Meeting Great Grandma and Grandpa Magnus! 1 year. -

-Making good use of Grandma's fancy decorations :)-

-Hitching a ride with Grandpa... check out those great socks!-

March 11, 2011

Favorite Activity

When I lose myself in a task during the day I often listen, like any other mom, to the sounds of my child playing in the next room. And, like every other mom, when the sounds fade away I drop what I am doing and head for closer inspection. And everyday when I arrive at the scene this is how I am greeted. A happy boy is quietly reading, enjoying his bedtime books on his bed side stand. What more could a mother and a teacher ask for :)