April 14, 2011

Beach Time

-Sawyer's first time to the ocean.-

Despite the chilly weather, we all had a great time at Stanley Park... well at least for the first half of the visit. I would love to blog about how wonderful of a trip it was but in reality Sawyer cried/screamed for the last half of our very long walk around the park. He then managed to pocket dial 9-1-1 which left me answering questions to a less than friendly dispatcher. When we arrived back at the car he calmed down only to fall asleep, miss dinner and thoroughly soak his diaper, outfit and car seat. Poor little guy has a great day up until the camera went away and then it was tears and tragedy. A huge shout out to Becki and Amanda who put up with the two of us that long, long day.

-Thanks to Beck for letting us tag along on her trip.-

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