October 31, 2010

First Halloween

Despite the last hour and the fact that he couldn't even have any of the candy that he work so hard at being cute for, Sawyer was all smiles. He didn't mind his monkey costume. In fact I might even go as far as to say that he liked it. But the thing that he loved above all about his first Halloween was watching his big cousins. Dinosaur Cooper and Ironman Dawson were, to Sawyer, the most entertaining part of a great Fall evening.

-Sawyer learning how to take what is not his...-

-A cuddly monkey and a proud father.-

-Uncle Mark and the most precious Nixon-bear.-

-Ironman Dawson.-

-A ferocious Coop-o-saur.-

-Trev imparting the secrets of charming candy to Sawyer before the night began. Sawyer was a good student.-

1 comment:

Jessica Lee Becker said...

Your child is as adorable as ever. Good job. :)