May 5, 2010

Happy 백일, Sawyer!!

-Eddy, initiating Sawyer into a Korean tradition.-

This week we were fortunate enough to be able to celebrate Sawyer's 100th day of life with Eddy, our good friend from our days in Korea. In Korean culture the 100th day of life (or Baek-il) is a very important day. This day marks the end of the difficult first days of life, celebrating the survival of the child and for the first time looking at the future with hope. Baek-il was born out of the time past when infant mortality was high and many babies sadly did live past three months. How blessed we are to live a life that makes this horror hard to fathom.

-Happy 백일(baek il) little man!!-

On the 100th day after the child's birth, a party is thrown; family and friends are invited, and a feast of rice cakes, wine and red and black bean cakes is prepared. It is believed that if the rice cakes are shared with more than 100 people the child will be blessed with a long life. People in return send gifts of rice, money and gold symbolizing future wealth.

While Sawyer didn't celebrate in a fully traditional style, we did mix up some killer rice cakes, the most delicious home cooked Galbi and he was showered with gifts from his uncle Eddy.

Thanks for the memories, Eddy!

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Edward Choo said...

haha! awesome!

i love cooking up korean food with you guys!!!