May 10, 2010

Fifteen Weeks...

1. Babysittering. Sawyer has had small little stints of time away from Trev and I but nothing like this past weekend. Thanks to Sawyer's super Uncle Dave, a bottle and Sawyer's stroller (but mostly Uncle Dave) Trev and I managed to shoot a wedding. That's an amazing five or six hours of bonding time with his uncle!! (THANK YOU DAVE) That brings up the next 'first'...

2. Sawyer attended his first wedding. Attending the ceremony and tagging along with the wedding party all day should have given him a good glimpse of what a wedding entails... even if he did snooze through most everything.

-Watch out Moose, he's catching up!-

Likes: Daily explorations in the neighborhood. Sawyer now stays awake for the better part of a walk and just seems to enjoy the scenery flashing by.

Newest trick: Sawyer is now a grabber; hair and jewelry beware.

Communication: Surprisingly, Sawyer is not speaking yet, but he defiantly lets us know his thoughts and feeling through sounds and gestures. From coos to cries, giggling to grunting, and not to mention smiles and screams, Sawyer is mastering the art of getting what he wants.

Favourite moments: Kimchi now sits and watches Sawyer play with his toys. When the toy is dropped Kimchi swoops in for the grab and he's off. What Kimchi doesn't realize is that one day in the near future Sawyer will be bigger than him and mobile.

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Anonymous said...

Wow is Sawyer ever so cute. Can't wait to see him!!