March 8, 2010

Six Weeks...

Favourite moments: I realized this week that Sawyer and Kimchi are now about the same size, weight wise. Kimchi may look a bit bigger but he's all fluff. Sure did take Sawyer a while to outgrow Kimchi. I never really thought that I would have a child that was smaller than my tiny little dog.

First: Sawyer is now a regular attendee of church...however, he may regularly sleep through the whole service. At least he has an excuse, unlike others of us. :)

Smiles: And sometimes something that resembles a giggle, are becoming more frequent. We have yet to capture one on camera.

Trying to Learn: To control his head and his hands. He's getting a little more coordinated every week.

He prefers: Green hair... Sawyer has discovered that the turtle, one of the toys on his play gym, has green hair that he can suck on. It's hilarious to watch him wiggle his head until he gets a mouthful of hair to gum. He seems to really enjoy the whole experience and spends a considerable amount of time munching on his turtle.

Likes: Sawyer seemed impressed that our Canadian men won the Olympic Gold in hockey... he sat wide eyed through the whole match and even helped us cheer.

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Katrina said...

Can I just say that I look forward to Sawyer updates every week! Love the pics, love the thoughts. Love that he has a turtle.