November 1, 2009

The Legislative Assembly of Alberta

-Night at the Legislature. Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.-

Points to Ponder:
  • Alberta's Legislature building was build between the years 1907-1913.
  • The design incorporated elements of Greek, Roman and Egyptian architecture which were meant to symbolize power, permanence and tradition.
  • Inhabitants of Fort Edmonton in the 19th century say that the site where the Legislature is now built was once full of pits that were home to thousands of garter snakes. YUCK!
  • The building cost 4 million dollars. In it's day, that must have been a lot.
  • If we were to build the same building today (taking into account the inflation only), the Legislature would cost $91,290,225.33!

-A column, made from southern Albertan sandstone.-

-Build in the Beaux Arts style which originated in Paris.-

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