November 30, 2009

The Christmas Tree

-Lights and Ribbon-

Setting up the tree was a momentous occasion this year. Partly because it will be our last year that we may have glass ornaments hung on the lower branches and partly because it had been four years since we'd seen any of our decorations. Setting up the Christmas Tree and decorating the house brought on a mixture of nostalgia and surprise. It was a bit like opening presents on Christmas morning.

-The first decorations.-

No Trev does not have two wives... he just has some great skills in photoshop that allow him to create interesting perspectives.

-Almost finished.-

Trev ceremoniously placing the star on the top of the tree. Umm... I think it might be crooked.

-Our tree, 2009.-

The finished project minus the tree skirt which was being washed due to remnant cat hair.

1 comment:

Karalee said...

great tree! Ours has remained surprisingly intact. I was sure Cooper would be trying to climb it!

Can't wait to relax and enjoy christmas with you guys. Dave had a dream the other night that you had your baby before Christmas and named him Samuel. So you never know perhaps we will have a new addition to celebrate Christmas with!!