September 5, 2009


  • It's been just over 6 years since Trev and I started dating.
  • Just over 5 of those years we've been married.
  • We've spent more than half of our married life as non-residents of our homeland, claiming residency in another country... or no country at all for that matter.
  • And now, it'll be only 3 short months till we become responsible for another life.

So what does this have to do with the dragonfly?

During all of this time together we've changed identities, roles and residency often but one thing we've been firm on since the beginning was the importance of our relationship together. More important than schooling, money, fun, friends and yes, our beloved families. Second only to (and strengthened by) our personal relationships with our Saviour, Jesus.
It has been because of this importance, we've set aside Trevor-Rachel time every week to work on 'us'. And, it was on one of these precious date nights that Trev snapped this shot of a dragonfly. I can't tell you exactly why this picture drums up memories of our relationship but I can tell you that reminiscing only makes me more thankful for my time with Trev, more thankful for the holy institution of marriage and more thankful for where God is leading.

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