August 9, 2009

Lacombe Days

-The parade. Lacombe.-

Earlier this summer we were invited to tag along with our friends Kirstin and Brent as they attempted to capture the spirit of Lacombe Days through a lens. Trev bought a new lens in preparation for his day of shooting and as you can see, put it to good use. But while Brent and Trev were compelled to make the rounds, Kirstin and I enjoyed good company, a wonderful lunch at Becki's and the brilliant heat from the afternoon sun.

-Our favorite part of the parade, bagpipes. We love bagpipes.-

-It was a beautiful day to be a Shriner on a mini-bike.-

It was an interesting day for me, returning to the community that I grew up in, this time as a visitor. And, while it's a charming community and it was a great place to grow up, I don't regret moving on or living in larger centres.

-The Koreans show off lanterns on festival days...
we Albertans show off tractors.-

-... And cars.-

-As you can tell Trev is more drawn to hood ornaments than to the cars themselves.-

-Another highlight of the day, the blacksmith.-

-Forging metal.-


Brent said...

Great photos Trevor! Wide angle worked out great eh. I might have to try to get my hands on one some day...

Peter and Lorraine said...

How timely this posting is! Tonight we have a "wrap-up" meeting for the 2009 Lacombe Days before we start thinking of 2010! Glad you enjoyed taking pics Trevor of our little prairie town celebration!