May 8, 2009


So what are we up to?

I was thinking the other day about how long it has been since I have posted a personal blog. So what are we up to? That's a good question. To attempt an answer, we've been up to life.

-An early morning visit to UBC.-

Since getting home, Trev has found a job working as a parts person, fabricating all sorts of steel doo-dads for an agriculture manufacturing shop out of my hometown in Clive. He seems to really enjoy working with the crew out there and while I'm scared of him reverting into a red-neck, he seems to enjoy the company. As we are living with my parents, rent free (bless their souls), in Red Deer (That's in good ol' Canada...) Trev has been commuting about a half an hour. He likes his drive. He says it gives him thinking/praying time. And, as the weather here is slowly improving he's working on getting his '81 Suzuki motorbike into a drivable condition so he can start riding to work.

-Hiking down to the river from my parent's place.-

And me... I've spent the last few months working on getting Trev into university (He'd like to be attending full time towards an Ed. degree by this fall), getting my teaching prerequisites in order, getting to know my two nephews and making up for lost time with family.

We have also joined a church and started attending a bible study held by some old friends. We are enjoying being a part of a church again and having a group of people to walk through life with. We are still missing Seoul and our friends there but we are slowly working our way back into a life here. And, while we wait to hear from universities, we're looking forward to a summer of weddings, camping and discovering the treasures of the west.

To sum it all up and to repeat what I wrote at Christmas, God is continually showing us what it means to 'bloom where we're planted'.


Jessica said...

Missing you guys. I'm definitely going to try to visit this summer.

TK2 said...

Good photography, many Thanks for your idea.