March 2, 2009

Misty Days in Stanley Park

-An ancient tree near the cricket green.-

In the end of January, with no place to be and no jobs to be had we headed with Mark and Becki down to the coast. We spent a few relaxing days strolling in the parks, skipping stones in the ocean, sipping on Starbucks while checking out the latest at Tiffany & Co. and reveling in the fact that we could once again enjoy true Korean cuisine. It was a nice break from the -40 winter winds of Alberta and the headache of finding jobs.

-Lamp on Lion's Gate Bridge.-

-Becki and Mark on a misty beach.-

While in B.C. we also had a chance to visit with my family and catch up with a few old friends. It was great to have early morning breakfast and coffee with Grandma and Grandpa and listen to their tales of long ago. We were delighted to have met Eric and Mary's newest addition, little Isaac. And, it was healing to be able to stay with the Phillips family and formally say goodbye to Sean, our cousin taken too soon.

-Totem pole.-

-Becki and Mark.-

-Trevor always claims that birds have no sense of history,
this proves it.-

-Under the Lion's Gate Bridge.
One of our favorite shots taken on this trip.-


dawseng said...

Great photos!

In Ulaanbaatar, we don't get any mist. Only smoke.

We'll be home and jobless soon too...

The Olson's said...

Yay! You can join us... we can be each others jobless/homeless support group.