March 17, 2009

Happy in Love

-Becki and her girls (errr... and Dad). Gull Lake, Alberta, Canada.-

-The beautiful bride.-

Here we've posted a few shots of the bride and her girls (minus Amanda) letting off some steam later in the day. Both Trev and I were involved in the beautiful morning wedding ceremony, ran around like crazy during the chilly afternoon pictures and had significant roles at the sunset reception and so, here are just a few of the handful of pictures that we did manage to snap. Unfortunately we only captured pictures at the reception but fortunately they turned out rather well.

-Although we don't look like sisters we sure do act like sisters.-

We think that these shots truly capture the spirit of the day. Beck was in high spirits as can be seen in the shot above. As a sister and a best friend it did my heart good to see her so happy in love.

-Bri, Rachel, Megan Becki and Mom doing our best at some Korean poses.-

-And, we needed at least one serious shot.-


Jen said...

Love the Korean pose!! Looks like she had a great day. It's so wonderful that you could be there to celebrate with her!

Mrs. Dyck said...

I think you totally look like sisters! And you all look BEAUTIFUL! :)