February 25, 2009

A Winter Day with Eddy

-Katrina, Eddy, Rachel and Trevor, all managing a smile in the freezing cold.-
We have been blessed in so many ways since arriving home. Some blessings have been expected, like visiting family and catching up with old friends. While some of these blessings have been welcome surprises. Eddy's visit to Alberta in December was with out a doubt a very welcome surprise.

-A view of Mount Abraham down a very slick road.-

-Hot tubbing in sub-zero temperatures was one of the many traditions that we were happy to introduce to Eddy.-

Just after the hype of Christmas was beginning to die down, Eddy was able to make his first visit up to Canada joining us and our mutual friend Katrina for a cozy evening at our favorite mountain getaway, Shunda Creek. Between sips of hot chocolate and nibbles of snickerdoodles (momma Gloria's famous cookies) we were able introduce Eddy to the art of hot tubing in sub-zero temperatures, the cultural importance of Inukshuks and temperatures so cold that nose-hairs begin to freeze.

-Trev showing Eddy how it's done.-

-An Inukshuk, before Eddy knocked it over.-

It was beyond wonderful to see Eddy again. It was nice to be able to pick up right where we left off when we left Seoul in August. But it was especially nice to be able to take pride in our home country and the beautifully rugged wilderness that we've been longing for over the past few years.

-and, after.-

-Shunda Creek Hostel. One of our favorite mountain getaway destinations.-


Peter and Lorraine said...

After all your've seen I'm glad to hear you still like our Canadian beauty too!

Choo Me! said...

HA!!!! AWESOME!!!!....that'll be a day i'll never forget.....but i'm sure there will be more to come!!

The Olson's said...

There is no denying that Canada is indeed beautiful!!

And Eddy, we can't wait for more days like this... well, maybe days that are not SO cold.