February 13, 2009

Asian Finale

For Your Information
Leaving Auckland
-Watching Auckland, New Zealand fade into the distance as we take a ride on a ferry.-

Trev and I sat down in front of Google Earth one night just after Christmas and decided to map out our route. Our goal, to chart our total distance traveled through all different modes of transportation (as best as we could). If you are a numbers person like we are you might enjoy the stats...

422 km = Total distance survived on scooters, tuk-tuks, and taxis.
1,591 km = Total distance explored by rickety, ramshackle old boats.
2,895 km = Total distance traveled by third-world trains.
3,923 km = Total distance crammed in stinky buses.
34,999 km = Total distance flown by plane.
43,830 km = Total distance traveled.

To put our distance into perspective, the total distance across Canada via the Trans-Canada Hwy is 7,821 km. That means that over four months we've traveled across the expanse of Canada 6 times.

-14 hours down the Mekong river with a 2x4 for a seat and in the company of hundreds.-

A Few of Our Favorites

Favorite Overall Place
  • Vietnam. We found Vietnam to be a diverse nation, full of wonderfully friendly people. From the north to the south, the coastal regions to the high mountains, jungles to coniferous forests to tropical white-sand beaches, the land is as diversified as any nation of its size.

Most Beautiful Place

  • The ancient ruins of Angkor, Cambodia.
  • The natural beaches, green rolling hills and snow-capped mountains of Kaikoura, New Zealand.

Most Thought-provoking Place

  • The Killing Fields, Cambodia.

Best Beaches

  • Perfect white-sand and crashing surf of North Stradbroke's Amity Point, Australia.
  • The picture perfect coral and amazing underwater life at Komodo Island's Red Beach, Indonesia.

Most Dangerous Beaches

  • Waters infested with jellyfish, venomous sea kraits, and poisonous urchins at Sambawa Beach, Indonesia.
  • A 16ft. Great White Shark chasing the surfers at North Stradbroke's Point Lookout, Australia.
Most Untouched Areas
  • The pristine jungle waterfalls of the Laos wilderness.
Most Delicious Food
  • Indian style naan bread and masala, a perfect Malaysian breakfast.
Most Interesting Food
  • Skewered Snake from the street markets of Cambodia.
Favorite Form of Travel
  • Trev loved to explore the untouched via scooter.
  • I loved the convenience and excitement of a sleeper car on an overnight train.

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Thanks for sharing your adventures friends! I've really enjoyed them!