December 20, 2008

The Best of Hoi An

Journal Excerpt - Hoi An, Vietnam
November 15th
-Stone Covered-bridge, a remnant of the Japanese occupation.-

Hoi An may well be the place we’ve been looking for our entire time in Asia. The narrow little alleys, the French inspired architecture, the stone bridges and silk lanterns are not only quaint but well worth the UNESCO world heritage title. Both of us are incredibly impressed with the aura of this ancient trading city.

-This old man made his living by asking for money in return for his posing for a picture.-

-The French inspired waterfront villas were amazing. The colours, the architecture, the nearly dilapidated state.-

We spent the day walking the streets, exploring the narrow-twisting alleys. We ventured in and out of shops inspecting the local goods: silk, pottery and pearls. Trev kept getting dragged away by over zealous vendors and I managed to find pearls for my sisters wedding party.

-A shot of the riverfront.-

-Boatmen lined the street selling rides up the river.-

-What used to be a street was taken over by the tide-swelled river, rendering the street a ominous place for wandering foreigners and a playground for local children on bikes.-

We ended the evening wading from our restaurant. Apparently when the tide comes in the riverfront floods and so we walked knee deep in the river to leave our riverfront restaurant. Such an interesting place... Vietnam.

-Walking home from dinner.-

If Trev had backed up any farther to take this shot he would have plunged from the unmarked edge of the submerged sidewalk taking an unwanted swim in the murky river.


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